Relational Evolution on a War Planet

Written by Wm. A. Wilson
Relational Evolution Book Mockup

Have you ever wondered...

What is life really about?

“Why am I down here?” “How and why does the Universe exist, and how does it operate?” Consider these fundamental existential questions and more in this story about Relational Evolution.

Relational Evolution on a War Planet

Written by Wm. A. Wilson

Have you ever wondered...

What is life really about?

“Why am I down here?” “How and why does the Universe exist, and how does it operate?” Consider these fundamental existential questions and more in this story about Relational Evolution.

Relational Evolution Book Mockup
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Relational Evolution


by Wm. A. Wilson

Is this story for you?

Do you dare to take a journey into one old man’s crazy mind and look into paradoxes, polarities, and other crazy things that can never be proven and yet also seem obvious?

Do you ever wonder why the earth’s life forces work the way they do?

Do you dare look into the human psyche in ways that others usually don’t explore?

If all this intrigues you, try reading this story; and see how it affects your considerations of your reality.

This book is written for the searchers, lost souls, and loners of the world. I also know that angst.
This book is for the malcontents of the world, the curmudgeons of the world. I also know that pain.

This book is written for those who feel humans and their world societies are headed in a wrong direction.

This book is for spiritualists who are still curious.

What is Relational Evolution?

“To me, Relational Evolution is the conceptual and operational formula of our Universe.”

Why do I reference this planet as being a "war planet"?

“I hope you can all see by now that having a biological life force of predator/prey is truly fighting a war, and therefore fighting a war with yourself. Again, a war with yourself. This is a war planet biologically, and man fighting wars (all wars) with himself … reflects the biological predator/prey war.”

“Aside from humans obviously being the apex predator, how does biological predator/prey—as a condition or disease—present in human minds and personalities? To me, that presentation is narcissism.

A Peek Inside:

Quotes from the book

“A fair amount of children, including some of my grandchildren, magically wonder about the world or universe and how everything from dinosaurs to stars fits together. I also was one of those children.”

“Get over it, paradoxes aren’t just cute sayings for bumper stickers. Paradoxes are real, alive, and very well, thank you.”

“To me, the bicameral brain is an arbitrary and capricious boundary just like the boundaries on absolute zero and speed of light.”

“Regarding exponential growth by being in and recognizing relationship with everything, I can also see where that could/would hopefully eliminate what I see as “artificial and capricious boundaries.” Like why can’t we “see or know” how the various chemicals, compounds, proteins etc., interact and support (create) our bodies, and how our body supports (creates?) our mind. Why can’t we see “before or beyond this life”? Why does the birth death experience have such “hard boundaries”? Why can’t we “see and know” atoms and molecules? Why did we have to “discover” them?”

“For me, I have to look at the mixing or interacting of these two realities, the logical world (a projective force, Yang) and the empirical world (a receptive force, Yin). I’m going to call them both realities because to me they are both REAL.”

If you’ve ever been fearful about the future and not felt safe on this earth, this story may help you.

If you’ve ever wondered “What the hell is this crazy place all about”? This story may give you some insight and considerations.

Bill’s story is an adventure, like visiting a university library open house for critics of humanity.

In his story, Bill tries to answer two basic questions: 1. Why is he here.  2. What is life really about.

Bill loves language and writes like he talks i.e. in big words and like a sailor. His research utilizes almost every scientific method known to man. (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Anthropology, Astrology, etc.) He also incorporates his knowledge of European history related to colonialism, environmental, racial and world politics.

Bill points out current problems facing all creatures on this planet. Bill is not shy. He identifies his heroes and also those humans that take all they can, because they can.

I soon realized that I was reading something special. I have never in my long life read anything close to Bill’s story. Reading Bill’s story is like riding a horse for the first time. Once you get the rhythm, it is hard to stop.

Bill never claims to be an expert. However, after an extremely wild adventure, Bill’s remarkable conclusions are compelling and hard to ignore.

-Kenny Breiter

It could be said that Bill’s story is a coup de grace for anyone who had but minimally opened to the consideration of denial and how it applies to one’s own life experience.

Here is a man who has figuratively casted his “pearl”, or his vulnerability before us. Should you bother to read Bill’s account in its entirety you might find that all departures whether into the physical or mental/emotional realms funnel into qualifying the consideration of relationship with a capital “R”. In the early days of our relationship even the consideration of bonding was on the table. His is a universal struggle: the attempt to eliminate the perceived negative side of any set of opposites or polarity while vibrating in a consensus dimension of duality which states that there’s no getting rid of one side without the other also being dissolved = suffering = the desire to exist or not exist. His resolve, through “relational evolution”, is to focus his attention between “predatory/prey” and “collaboration/cooperation” personally identifying and learning from each.

All said and done, leastwise for now, here is a story of one man’s (the “projective force”) journey of a lifetime which could only take place with the nurturing nature of his companion, his partner (the “receptive force”) and the acceptance of others. May Bill’s catharsis stand as a road map which points at “not making life on earth an excuse for getting out of it”.

-Dr. P.L. Roesler
(just another guy)

From the Author:

“All I know now is I am an old man…who is still on this planet because his wife contained his insanity. Why she decided to do this, I will never know except she in her womanly ways says she loves me, and I in my manly ways say I love her…hence the pain trap, for both of us. But relationship with grace and love is the best way to put up with a predator/prey world full of pain, uncertainty and misery.”

-Wm. A. Wilson

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Relational Evolution on a War Planet

by Wm. A. Wilson

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